Raspberry Pi 2 – Sonic Pi

Ordered Raspberry Pi 2 as soon as I came to know its available for sale šŸ™‚

First impression, it’s really fast (if you have used previous version you will agree). I tried both linus distributions, Raspbian and Snappy Ubuntu, didn’t got much time to explore the Ubuntu one, but my kid liked the Raspbian most, because of the Sonic Pi and Mathematica.

Sonic Pi is the awesome open source programming tool for kids, and its fun while you learn programming. It covers, loops, conditionals, concurrency and data structures.

Raspberry in action :


Snappy Ubuntu on Sony :


Few updates in Raspberry Pi 2, which I loved

New 900MHz quad-core processor, 1GB memory andĀ Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video.

UsingĀ Male 3.5mm to 3 RCA AV Audio Video Male Converter Cable, you can connect your Raspberry to any TFT screens or to TV which support RCA Video, cheaper one are the used in car for rear view.


Or you can opt for a TFT LCD screen


Raspberry Pi 2 – Sonic Pi

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