Playing YouTube Video from specific postion

So if you want to play “Now That’s what I call a performance” from one of the youtube video, copy following link and paste in your favorite browser

DECLAIMER : If video has advertisement you need to wait for the advertisement’s timeout, and try again 🙂

OK how it work? YouTube use Fragment Identifier to jump to specific location, so if you want to play a video @ 2.2 i.e. after 2 minutes and 2 seconds, convert it to seconds, so it will be 122 and at the end of your URL add #t=122, and easiest way is you can right click on video and select “Get Video URL at current time” which will give you the link.

That may be intresting for you, but what is more interesting is why Fragment Identifier is used?
Fragment identifier points to the subordinate resource of the URL, so if you remember we used fragment identifiers to navigate to TOP, END or to specific “topic” within a HTML document. So fragment identifier can be used to navigate to specific location of the PDF, Audio files, Videos, HTML document or any specific media you are rendering on your page.

Hmmm so I can achieve the same thing by adding URL parameter, so what is the difference between url parameter and fragment identifier?

One difference I can see is with fragment identifier request is not made again, e.g. API document is already loaded but fragment identifie link will help you to navigate to specific location of the document. This is true for HTML docs, not sure about videos, audios and other media.

Any thoughts on how we can use it?

Playing YouTube Video from specific postion